WordPress Services

Our professional team works hard for giving you the best services you expect from the WordPress maintenance services we provide. Website installation, unique content for pages, all SEO tools as well as the vitally important plugins – all of these and many other options can be done to make your website building experience quick and effortless.
Save your precious time and speed up the process of your site launching, rises visitors’ attendance, secures personal data, etc., depending on the service you took.

WordPress Website Package

精裝網站-好看的網站-wordpress-Website Package
精裝網站-好看的網站-Website Package
電商-woocommerce-online business
電商-woocommerce-online business

Cloud Hosting

You can choose the hosting service we recommend. You must click on the link URL of this site to apply for the following hosts. Alternatively, we can help you apply for the host.

Kinsta Cloud Hosting 台灣谷歌雲端主機
  • Free Trail: After the 14-day free trial, please confirm to the WordPress package service.
  • Step 1: Choose WordPress package website / Basic, Pro and WooCommerce.
  • Step 2: Choose Cloud Hosting Plans
  • Step 3: According to your needs, we will help you set up a website.
  • Step 4: Acceptance within 7-14 days, the website will be online, and the case is closed.

Packaged website services require the purchasing for the cloud hosting services recommended by this site.

The packaged website series will provide 14-day free trial before going any further without paying any fees. Those who are unfamiliar with WordPress/WooCommerce can login and experience the whole process within two weeks. During or after the trial period, once you pay, the site will issue an invoice and help you with website construction, host purchase, URL setting and other operations.

Please prepare relevant visual graphics files first ( format: jpg, png,If you have a trademark or main visual, please bring your own PSD, Ai files)、Text (introduction, product service description, etc., Word, txt and other formats)。We will provide 10 free photos.

Of course yes, if you don’t want to apply for web hosting by yourself and avoid the troublesome application process, You can entrust us to apply instead. Before applying, we need your contact detail: name, phone number, email; after the application is completed, the day is the start date of hosting.

The answer is no! For the package website, we do not have any renewal fees. We also do not provide hosting services, only help customers apply instead ; or, you can purchase it by yourself through a link on this website. Your website host renewal every year is based on the host company’s charging standards and directly debits your credit card. We do not charge extra.

We help you maintain it. Through the URL provided by this site, the host you bought yourself, or we apply for it instead;as long as, you renew the contract, we will provide services such as “standard maintenance” during the expiration of the hosting service contract. For example, plugin or theme update, data backup, data recovery, security monitoring, ensuring the online uptime of the website, etc.。If you use another hosting providers, maintenance services will not be included. For most customers, the above maintenance service is sufficient and no additional settings are required. If you really need it, you can also pay an additional fee for extra services.

Because it is more cost-effective and easy to use. Compared with traditional hosting, cloud hosts use independent hardware resources, which are faster, more stable, and more secure, and it’s cheaper than traditional hosting. Virtual hosting often deploy hundreds or even thousands of websites, either the CPU write limit. Often at critical moments, the website gets stuck, slows down, or crashes. We never provide low-quality services, and only recommend easy-to-use and affordable hosting services to everyone.

Cloudways Hosting

Don’t worry. Please place an order on this site, and your specialist will contact you to guide the entire operation process.